Patient Update

Covid Regulations - an update for all our Patients - Please continue to wear a face covering/mask when entering the practice

We have changed the way we work to cope with the pandemic since March 2020 in order to keep patients and staff safe.  Thank you for your help during these very difficult times.


Over the past few months we have started to open up more services to our patients and we want to restore as many of our services as quickly and as safely as possible.  This will involve more patients visiting the practice and this must be done in a safe way to protect our patients and staff.


Many of the patients who need to visit the practice have varying degrees of immunosuppression and are clinically extremely vulnerable   Despite having both vaccinations some of these patients will not be fully protected.  We have a duty to safely treat all of our patients and therefore we want to provide as many additional services as possible whilst still being able to safely treat our vulnerable patients.  We believe that additional protection can be provided by asking all entering the practice to continue to wear a mask or face covering.


This is going to become even more important as we enter the winter season and the circulation of airborne viruses and infections increase.


We are asking that all visitors to the building continue to wear masks or face coverings when entering the building, moving around the building and whilst in the waiting room.  Clinicians may ask you to remove them during consultations; any removed during a consultation should be replaced when leaving the consulting room unless there are special circumstances.


For patients who do not want to wear a mask in the practice we ask that they continue to wait in their car or outside prior to their appointment.


We will keep all of this under regular review and thank you once again for your assistance and support.